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Photo Submission by Peter Lik on Dec 19, 2011 - 18:12

Peter Lik


Peter Lik's picture
Peter Lik
United States

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Timing is critical, always, when I’m shooting. I knew that in early spring, the sun would rise in the exact perfect location behind this arch—all I needed was the weather to cooperate. I had made several pilgrimages to the arch—only to be greeted by clear, bland skies—my biggest fear. On the fifth morning, things finally changed. It made all the early starts worthwhile. As I hiked under flashlight to the arch, there was a different feeling in the air. I set up my camera in the crucial spot, and waited with my heart racing, hoping this would be it. The skies lightened, and as the sun cracked the horizon, I fired off a series of shots. The moment was perfect. The arch lit up with an amazing glow, and it felt good to finally capture what I was chasing. It really was a sacred sunrise.