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Photo Submission by Brian Bielmann on Aug 30, 2012 - 18:08

Brian Bielmann


Brian Bielmann's picture
Brian Bielmann
United States

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About the Photo

The waves in Tahiti's Famed Teahupoo were to big to paddle into so they could only be caught by using a jet ski. On this Particular wave Raimana Van Bastelaer talked Reef Macintosh into towing him into this wave. Reef had never towed anyone into a wave before, but Raiman assured him there was nothing to it. Reef got Raimana into the wave fine, but was unable to get the ski over the top of the wave and the wave sucked the ski back over the falls, Raimana barely made the wave as the ski flew over his head missing him by mere inches. Reef got sucked over with the lip also and came close to drowning. Everyone lived and that night the shot was shown over and over in times square and by the next morning the photo was seen in every news paper around the world The ski was ruined and Raimana wanted to sell it on E bay but no one went for it. Just another day at Teahupoo.