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Post date Jun 19, 2013
Thanks to PhotoShelter for its detailed analysis of all the major photo contests and for giving THE OPEN a rare “A” rating (01/13). Rising above National Geographic, PDN Photo Annual and Int’l Photo Awards, we’re honored to be in the same company as World Press Photo and the Sony World Photography Awards, two contests we have great admiration for. We're the first to say that THE OPEN would be nothing without the incredible work of the photographe...
Post date Jun 19, 2013
Congratulations to Lorenz for being voted Photographer of the Year in 2012. All finalist images were anonymized for the judges’ sealed-ballot vote, and Lorenz’s shot of rider Xaver Hoffman a came out on top. When contacted about his winning photo and the news that he was being wired $10,000US, his email response started with “Wuhuuuuuu!”. A humble man of true class, he was quick to express his admiration for all of the great photographers in The...
Post date Nov 12, 2012
Congratulations to Scott for his shot, Cloud 9 Philippines. It generated more online votes that any other photo. Scott wins the 2012 World Open of Photography People's Choice Award. This epic photo has secured a position as one of the 200 finalists, plus $1800US. If you happen to bump into him in Australia, he's buying....http://www.theworldopen.com/portfolio/scott-bauer/2648
Post date Sep 19, 2012
Each week THE OPEN's audience has been growing exponentially. According to Google Analytics, photo lovers in 176 countries are checking out the photography on THE OPEN. The next question of course is how many countries are there in the world today? According to the UNITED NATIONS: 193
Post date Jul 12, 2012
We're thrilled to announce that 72dpi has joined efforts with The Open in our search for the world's hottest photographers. 72 dpi is a free, highly interactive, photo sharing website where you can upload and share your photos as well as rate and comment on other member photos.
Post date Jun 19, 2012
We're proud to announce our new partnership with Club of the Waves, the preeminent resource for surfing, surf art and surf culture. Check out our Photoblog to learn more.
Post date Mar 27, 2012
With just a volunteer staff, 100cameras has grown dramatically from idea to action over the past two years. Their organizational growth has now reached an exciting tipping point, and it's time to hire their first full-time employee. But they need our help! Join us in supporting this movement during the exciting early days. So that 100cameras can reach more children around the world with the power of photography and empower them to create positiv...
Post date Feb 20, 2012
Flipboard has picked up The Open's Photoblog which makes looking at the curated collection an incredible jaw dropping experience. The app collects content of social networks and other websites and presents it in a magazine format where you literally flip through the pages. Flipboard has partnered with many of the most informative and beautifully curated online magazines and blogs; Fotopedia Magazine, Pictory, Behance, Wallpaper and Smashing Magaz...
Post date Feb 09, 2012
The technology blog, DailyTekk, has released their top 100 best and most interesting blogs of 2012. This technology based blog broke the list into 10 categories including topics such as Cool Curators, Tech & Gadgets and Photo among others. The Open is found in the top 10 listed under Photos alongside great company such as Petapixel, Pictory and Photo Jojo!. There's plenty of great reading and browsing in the list of 100 in your spare time. So...
Post date Jan 16, 2012
100cameras has partnered with Selfless Tee in effort to raise funds to empower children to create positive change. The more "Give Photography" t-shirts that are purchased, the more dollars per t-shirt are contributed towards 100cameras. Only days into the campaign 100cameras has already achieved half their financial goal of $1000.00, but there's only 6 days to go. Be a part of this great cause by purchasing one for yourself here. 100cameras belie...
Post date Dec 06, 2011
Purchase high quality prints and cards of your favorite 100cameras photographs for this Holiday Season and 100% of your donation will be given back to that child's community. It's simple and it feels good. 1. Select a project. 2. Select a photographers portfolio. 3. Choose a photo and purchase options will be displayed below the image. 4. Sit back knowing that your donation is helping a creative child. 100cameras identifies children living in unj...
Post date Nov 30, 2011
The Open has partnered with Fotomoto to help participating photographers generate additional revenue by selling prints that can be shipped anywhere in the world. It's simple. Open a Fotomoto account and update your profile on The Open with your new ID. A Buy Photo button will appear on your Artist's page below your image on the right hand side. When a customer makes a purchase, you will receive an email requesting an upload of the hi-res origina...
Post date Nov 10, 2011
The Open proudly partners with 100cameras as its charity of choice for 2012. 100cameras is a charitable nonprofit organization that identifies children living in unjust conditions and gives them cameras to document their lives. 100cameras teaches a child how to capture and tell their story. Their photo narratives are used to raise awareness and captial to meet physical needs and empower sustainable growth within their community. Through their own...
Post date Aug 13, 2011
Those artists who have portfolios hosted on the Behance network can now embed a Behance icon and link into their Artists Page to show a broader range of their work. New artists can include their Behance link upon registration. Previously registered artists can add their Behance link at any time by logging in and clicking My Profile. Check out Behance here: www.behance.net
Post date Aug 13, 2011
The Open has amassed a large database of art directors, photo editors and creative agencies in the US, Canada, Europe, South America and Australia. Each month The Open’s most appreciated artist profiles will be delivered to the inboxes of those who commission photographers, buy photography and recommend artists through their networks.

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THE OPEN is a worldwide search for the most inspiring photographers of our generation. It is an exposure powerhouse that connects photographers with a global audience. Photographers always retain 100% copyright control of their images.

THE OPEN was honoured to receive a very rare 'A' rating from PhotoShelter in 2013 and 2014, rising above National Geographic, PDN, Communication Arts and many more. It has been distinguished as “the most networked photo competition in the world” for its groundbreaking use of social media to give artists a global audience.

True to its name, THE OPEN welcomes all photographers. It is a search across six continents with a simple mission: discover the undiscovered; rediscover the established; bring the best photographers to the forefront.

Here’s how it works: all images are displayed in real time on THE OPEN’s gallery. Half of the 200 finalists are chosen by a judging panel comprised of some of the sharpest eyes in the photography business; the other half are chosen by open online voting fueled by the major social media platforms. From there, all finalist images are presented anonymously to a second panel of judges for a sealed-ballot vote for the category winners and Photographer of the Year.

THE OPEN is designed from the ground up to generate widespread exposure and business-building opportunities for photographers. It reaches photo lovers in 176 countries. It connects directly with 50,000+ creative industry professionals in North America, Europe, Latin America and Australia – art directors, photo editors, publishers and ad agencies – who tap into THE OPEN to discover new talent.

Come inside and be inspired by great photography from all around the world.

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